Dr. Oswall and Dr. Philp

 Dr. Oswall selected Dr. Philp as his successor after dedicating his career to serving Waconia with the highest degree of excellence, integrity, compassion and honesty.  Dr. Philp exemplifies these attributes and believes every dental visit can be a positive one.

Letter from Dr. Oswall

Dear Friends,

After dedicating our lives to your dental care, Fran and I are now ready to announce our retirement. It has been my singular honor to be your dentist. In some cases, I have treated three generations of your family. This has been incredibly rewarding, as I have enjoyed knowing you throughout the years.

After a long and careful search, I have found the right dentist to take over my practice. She is Dr. Mary Philp, and she is a caring, talented and compassionate professional. She shares my commitment to treating people with excellent dentistry, respect and above all, honesty. And I’ll tell you, she is phenomenal with kids.

Some of you may already know Dr. Philp as she lives right here in town. While she grew up in Connecticut, she married a young man from Waconia, and they have chosen to raise their own family here in our beautiful community. Who could blame them? Her husband, Dave, grew up with my children, and I had the pleasure of being his baseball coach. These two really love this community, and I feel confident they will look out for its health and wellbeing. They have two children, David and Sylvia. 

I know you will be pleased with Dr. Philp and will extend to her the same courtesy and loyalty that you have afforded me over these many years. I have all the faith in the world in her skills and commitment to excellence. She is warm and caring, and has a great sense of humor. I will be working with her through July, so please stop by to say hello.

Dr. Philp and I have worked closely together to ensure an easy transition for you. We gladly will answer any of your questions about the transition in the weeks ahead. Current staff will be there to assist you as well so you will be sure to see some familiar faces.

Your many kindnesses have always been appreciated. Fran and I will miss you.


William F. Oswall, D.D.S.