Dentistry for KIDS

KIDS are the BEST!

We love to see kids!  Ages zero and up!

Happy Visits

Happy Visits are complimentary first-visit sessions for your child to begin to feel comfortable and familiar with their family dentist.  Your child will go on a tour, get to touch and see the toothbrushes and straws we use, and of course pick out a prize!  Dr. Mary uses this visit as an opportunity to discuss expectations for home care for your child, growth and development, nutritional counseling, and to remind you that you are a great parent!

Dental Language for KIDS

The best way to ensure a positive experience for your child is to help us help you!  Upon your first visit, we will introduce you to our dental vocabulary for children.  It really helps put kids at ease when we speak their language!  Please, make our job easy!  Avoid words and emotions that might make your child scared or anxious.  Every visit can be a positive one!