Our office will be closed Friday, July 1st for the 4th of July. We will resume normal business hours on Wednesday, July 6th at 7:00am.

If you are experiencing a dental emergency and need to reach Dr. Philp, please call 952-442-4891 and follow the prompts to reach the emergency line.

Kids Club

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We Love To See Kids Ages Zero and Up!

Happy Visits
Happy Visits are complimentary first-visit sessions for your child to begin to feel comfortable and familiar with their family dentist. Your child will go on a tour, get to touch and see the toothbrushes and straws we use, and of course pick out a prize from our famous Treasure Tower. Dr. Mary uses this visit as an opportunity to discuss expectations for home care for your child, growth and development, nutritional counseling, and to remind you that you are a great parent!

Set Them Up for Success
Children’s dentistry is about so much more than cavity prevention. Healthy habits start from a young age. Not only are food and beverage choices a key factor, but also brushing time, toothpaste choices, and kid-friendly products. Select a toothbrush that is the proper size for your child’s age. Fluoride is a highly-studied, naturally-occurring anti-cavity element that can make a huge difference in armoring your child’s teeth against the bacteria that cause decay.

Early Intervention
Aligned teeth are about more than straight smiles. Crowded teeth, tethered tissues (tongue-tie or tight muscles attachments), mouth-breathing, tooth grinding – these and other signs can be an indication of a bigger, treatable problem. Airway issues are at the forefront of dental and medical health care; as we learn more about how airway affects children’s growth and behavior, we also learn more about how to spot signs of these problems early on. With early intervention, children can get back on track toward healthy growth and development.